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Guruvayur Ekadasi

Ekadasi, the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight, is very auspicious to devotees.

Of the 24 Ekadasis in a year, the Vrishchika Ekadasi has got special significance in Guruvayur, Kerala.

Ekadasi Vilakku starts a month before the Ekadasi day as offering by different persons, families and organisations.

On Ekadasi after night pooja the famous Ekadasi Vilakku with elephant procession takes place and provides a fitting finale to the festival.

About Postal Ekadasi Vilakku

Sukla Ekadasi of Agrahayna (vrishika) month is the most important day in the calendar of festivals of Sri Guruvayur Sreekrishna Temple.

The Ekadasi Vilakku festival begins 35 days before this day and each day is celebrated as vilakku by an individual, institution of an association with all the rituals and paraphernalia prescribed for the Ekadasi Vilakku embellished by percussion ensembles and artistic programme besides aesthetically elevating decoration of the temple premises.

From the year 2000, one such day is allotted to the Postal employees and organization styled "Postal Ekadasi Vilakku Committee" was set up to conduct this festival on behalf of all the believers in the Postal family of the country

The festival is designed to be managed by a permanent Trust of 15 members through a festival committee constituted, the term is fixed as 1 year. An employee or his/her family members are welcome to become permanent members of the committee from among whom the festival committee will be elected.

The life membership fee collected as stated above will be retained as the permanent fund.The amount required for the rituals inside the temple on the day of our vilakku Rs 1.6 lakhs has already been deposited with the temple administration.

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Guruvayur Postal Ekadasi Vilakku Trust

The administration of GURUVAYUR POSTAL EKADASI VILAKKU TRUST is vested in a Board of Trustees consisting of 11 members who will elect from among themselves, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer. The Trust Board will be the Administrative Body of the Trust. The period of office of a Trust Board will be Three years. The election of Trust Board members will be carried out in the Annual General Body Meeting.

P C Baburaj
P: +91-9447-460-866
Vice Chairman
V Vijayan

E Sukumaran
P: +91-9447-624-644
Asst Secretary
P Govindankutty

N Nandakishore
P: +91-9447-350-845
Asst Treasurer


Name Membership no
P M Sankaran 12
Adv K Ramachandran 420
P Gopalakrishnan 389
V K Gopinathan 24
Hariharakrishna Iyer 577
K Unikrishna Menon 442
S Vijayakumari 621
T Anil 23
M P Kunhiraman 667
C Sureshbabu 205